Dear Jean,

When I first saw a rosary of your making in the hand of another seminary, the beauty of the design struck me, and from that moment on, I sought out more information about how to get one.  It just so happened that Fr. Greg (my formation advisor) was the person to speak with since you had made a rosary for him as well. I asked you to make two as I have a brother in the same diocese who has been ordained for 3 years.  I am two years away and I wanted something of similar make that would unite us in prayer.  I recently gave him the rosary and he blessed both.  We could not be more grateful for your kindness, generosity and craftsmanship.  The rosaries are beautiful and will continue to unite my brother and me in the care of our Blessed Mother for years to come.  Thank you and trust that you and your family will be in my prayers.  Live Christ, ~ Deacon Kyle.

Deacon Kyle

I love my rosaries from Fount of Grace. Each rosary is one of a kind and handmade with precise delicacy, craftsmanship and the highest quality materials. I have several rosaries from Fount of Grace and have given them out as gifts to my family and friends.  The Tenner's are a great way for Men to carry a rosary in their pockets.  My husband carries his tenner in his pocket and doesn’t miss a daily rosary!  Fount of Grace is my go to place for quality rosaries. ~ Rosanna R.

Rosanna R.

I have been purchasing Jean's rosaries, chaplets and religious jewelry since 2012.  Her pieces are exquisite and one-of-a-kind! Truly, the most beautiful I've ever seen! The perfect gift for so many special occasions. It is clear that each creation has been inspired by and made with great love and devotion for God and Our Lady.  ~ Allison D.

Allison D.

Helen S.

Over the years, Jean with Fount of Grace has become the most gifted rosary-maker I have ever known. She travels throughout the western United States to find beautiful stones—strawberry quartz, rose quartz, blue lace agate, etc—and combines the beauty of the stones with replicas of old medals to make rosaries that are a work of art. Rosaries are a tool after all, meant to be used every day, so it is a real blessing to have one that I love to hold in my hands. I have also given many of these rosaries to friends and family members. I love the fact that I can custom design a piece to include a special devotion or saint for the person I’m giving it to! Without a doubt, Fount of Grace makes the most beautiful rosaries I have ever seen, and I can’t recommend these heirloom rosaries enough!  ~ Helen S


My name is Lisa. I just wanted to share with you. My husband gave me a beautiful necklace that you created, and I love it. But what amazes me is that every time I wear it, someone always admies it, no matter what crowd I am in. What an incredible gift that shares with so many. Thank you! ~ Lisa H.