This heirloom quality rosary is made of soft pink 8mm rose quartz gemstone "Hail Mary" beads and solid bronze rose "Our Father" beads, accented with clear Swarovski crystal.  We use the rose beads in honor of Our Lady who is often associated to the rose as in her title, “Mystical Rose.”  The bronze center, cast from a French pin circa 1890, depicts Bernadette kneeling in front of Our Lady in the Lourdes grotto. The scene is framed by elaborate scrolls and openwork.  The bronze crucifix, cast from a Spanish antique, depicts the Miracle of Caravaca. The story is that while the Moors were attacking Catholic Spain in the 13th century, they captured a priest in the town of Caravaca and commanded him to say a Mass. He refused his captors for lack of the necessary crucifix.  Moments before the priest was to be executed for disobeying the Moorsish leader Abu-Ceyt, a brilliant light and two angels appeared, carrying the 2-armed cross.  This is one of our best sellers and a beautiful keepsake!

Rose Quartz Lourdes and Caravaca Crucifix Rosary

SKU: T-BR170