This beautiful and larger Our Lady of Guadalupe medal measures 1 1/2".  The back is perfect for engraving!  One of our most popular medals for necklaces and tenners.  The image originates from an apparition on December 9, 1951.  Our Lady appeared on Tepeyac Hill, Mexico--the site of a former Aztec Temple, to an elderly Mexican man Juan Diego. Juan Diego told the skeptical Bishop about his encounter with Our Lady. As a sign for the Bishop, Our Lady instructs Juan to pick roses (not usually growing that time of year) and wrap them in his tilma. After a third attempt Juan is ushered in to see the Bishop. The skeptical cleric has waited for two days to see what sign Our Lady has for him. Juan opens his tilma, letting the roses cascade to the floor. But more than the roses, both men are astonished to see what is painted on his humble tilma - an exquisite image of Our Lady. Millions converted. The tilma and image is available for viewing to this day in Mexico City!

Our Lady of Guadalupe Solid (#364)