This large 2 1/4" solid bronze crucifix, cast from a Spanish antique, depicts the Miracle of Caravaca. The story is that while the Moors were attacking Catholic Spain in the 13th century, they captured a priest in the town of Caravaca and commanded him to say a Mass. He refused his captors for lack of a crucifix since the invading Arabs had destroyed all the crosses. Moments before the priest was to be executed for disobeying, a brilliant light and two angels appeared, carrying the 2-armed cross. Overcome by the vision, Abu-Ceyt fell to his knees and converted to the Christian faith. Our Lady is on the opposite side of the crucifix.

This crucifix is also available in .925 sterling silver. 

Caravaca Crucifix, large (Part #158) Front and back shown in this picture