About Us...

"The best evangelical strategy is one that moves from the beautiful to the good and finally to the true." -Bishop Robert Barron 

Our Mission....

At Fount of Grace our mission is to create beautiful heirloom-quality rosaries. Through their beauty, we hope to encourage devotion to the rosary, to honor Our Lady and God and, by way of prayer, to reveal the truths of our faith.

Our Commitment to Quality...

We have been hand crafting our devotionals for many years. We use the highest quality materials including semi-precious gemstones, Swarovski and Czech beads, and unique center pieces, crucifixes and medals. Many pieces are cast from antiques and made with bronze or  .925 sterling silver.  We also carry a few rosaries using plated medal to include a more affordable price range.


Because our devotionals are hand made, we can work with you to create a custom piece.  Please use the "Contact Us" menu option or button below to request a custom piece.  We would be honored to work with you.

Our Beginnings....

The Rosary was always an important devotion in my daily prayer life however the origin for Fount of Grace was when our oldest daughter and her cousin announced their desire to attend World Youth Day in Madrid, 2011. World Youth Day is a "world meeting place" for young adult Catholics to come together to share in the Church teachings and to experience the universality of the global Catholic Church. When they first mentioned the trip, we thought it was an interesting concept, but considering it overlapped with their first week of high school senior classes, the travel costs and our looming tuition bills, it didn't seem likely.  Enter my sister, the eternal optimist and recent convert to the Catholic Church--you know the super-on-fire-for-the-faith type.

WYD Madrid 2011-Catechesis gathering

Meeting fellow Catholic young adults from around the world-WYD Rio de Janeiro 2013

In her usual can do style, she told me, "We're going to make rosaries as a fund-raiser. If Our Lady wants them to go, we will raise the money!" I was a bit skeptical, however when the girls were given permission to miss their first week of school, I took that as a sign. Over the next year, we created and sold enough rosaries to fund their travel to Madrid. This of course ignited the five younger cousins to take their rosary making seriously! Since 2010, the girls have created hundreds of rosaries and all seven have had the privilege of attending World Youth Day (Madrid 2011, Rio de Janeiro, 2013 and Krakow 2016). Each has returned with a new and deeper perspective of the their faith and the Catholic Church.

A WYD tradition: Sharing "trades" small gifts as a remembrance of friendships made.
WYD-Rio 2013

Days in the Diocese: As a WYD add-on pilgrims stay with host families to learn about local culture. They also attend special events and catechesis talks. A highlight on every trip! Legnica, Polish families were incredibly welcoming!  WYD-Krakow (Legnica) 2016

Our Sacramento, CA pilgrims with the parish from Legnica, Poland. Days in the Diocese 2016

The Shrine of The Divine Mercy near Kraków and burial place of St. Faustina. WYD-Krakow 2016

Though the girls went off to college, our customers were still asking for rosaries - thus, the birth of Fount of Grace. We thank you for your interest in our boutique store.  We look forward to working with you and providing you with an heirloom devotional.

May God Bless You!


In the Hearts of Jesus and Mary,

The Mark and Jaques Families

Fount of Grace